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√ DIY Hacks: 8 Steps To Take Care Of Cracked Cuticles

DIY Hacks: 8 Steps
To Take Care Of Cracked Cuticles

You may never
know this, but your cuticles are some of the most engaged parts of your nails.
The dry skin around fingernails tends
to peel off and get itchy when exposed to lots of pressure. Thus, you ought to
protect the sensitive areas of your fingers from damage not only causes pain
but can quickly lead to an infection. Since the skin around this area tends to
be dry, getting injuries and disease is quite easy.
cracking, and peeling off this skin makes your nails very unattractive. The
best way to take care of broken cuticles is keeping them moisturized and avoid
disturbing them. For some of us, trimming them with their mouth is their
favorite means of cutting the ripped skin. Here are some of the best ways of
taking care of your cuticles nicely.

Massage with Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioners contain some essential healing
properties that keep your cuticles in best of health. Just pour a few drops of
your natural hair conditioner and gently massage your nails. By doing this,
your skin gets flexible, and you can prevent them from cracking and tearing.

Soaking Your Finger Tips in Warm Water

Get your
fingers submerged in water for 20 minutes to get your cuticles soft. On getting
them soft, gently push them back using a soft, clean towel to get them in their
right position. It is advised to avoid nail clippers used by another person or
one that is not sterilized to keep your cuticles safe from infections.

Apply Moisturizing Creams

Apply a
gentle moisturizing cream and leave your nails undisturbed for a night. You can
choose to wear cotton gloves for better results. By doing this, your cuticles
have a chance of retaining lots of moisture. Additionally, gently massage the
area around your cuticles to give your nails better possibility of restoration.

Also, keep
your skin hydrated by taking enough water. It is essential your body remains
hydrated and since your nails and cuticles could crack due to more
complications originating from the dryness of your skin.

Keep Your Hands off Drying Agents

Nothing harms
your hands more than harsh washing and drying agents that we often use in our
homes. Thus, protect your hands from agents you aren’t sure of the composition
and the possible reaction of your nails. For instance, when washing dishes in
warm water with soap, moisturize your hands immediately as that combination
takes lots of moisture from your skin quickly.
Wear gloves
when doing your dishes as a countermeasure to keep your cuticles in perfect
health. Besides, keep your hands away from acetone-based nail products as it
gets rid of vital oils from your nails, leaving them vulnerable to cracking.
Finally, wear your gloves during winter months to prevent your hands from
drying out.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Mouth

avoid touching face

Refrain from
the habit of biting the skin around your nails or skin with your teeth. Your
mouth contains bacteria that can quickly lead to infections on your skin. When
you eat your nails too close to your skin, you further expose your cuticles to
cracking and infections. If you are addicted to the vice, you are advised to
use an ointment that tastes and smells foul.

Back Cuticles

On this one, gently push your cuticles using an orange
stick or wooden pusher to prevent cuticles growing to your nails. Besides,
sterilize the pushers before use to keep infections away from you. Besides,
remove dirt accumulated on areas around your nails. For wooden orange sticks,
you are advised to throw them away after use as they are readily available and
can easily harbor bacteria.

Cut Skin Around Your Nails

Use Nail
nippers to and scissors to cut the extra skin around your nails, but remember
to sterilize your equipment before use. Dead skin should not be allowed to
accumulate around your skin as it can lead to infections jeopardizing the
health of your nails. However, be very careful only to cut the loose and soft
surface to prevent your cuticles getting itchy. Lose, and extra skin tends to
be white in color as compared to the actual skin attached to your fingers. Just
nip what is necessary to keep your skin from tearing. After cutting the extra
skin, wear gloves to give them enough time to heal and remain healthy. For
better health of your cuticles, wear gloves before you sleep every night to
ensure your nails do not get destroyed overnight.

File Your Nails

file nails

Always file
your nails as a preventive measure against cracking. Lengthy nails can get
things snagged. Still, pay particular attention to the condition of your nails
as smooth nails will not injure the skin around your nails. Besides, the
corners of your nails should be smooth and well rounded. 
When filing
the nails, keep the file across your nails in a consistent manner to prevent
splitting and tearing of the nails. Back and forth filling is not good for your
health, thus be wary of the ordinary way filling yet harmful to your nails.
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