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√ Eye Makeup Guide For The Perfect Everyday Eye

stunning looks from wearing proper makeup especially on the eyes does not come
easy on anyone. Whether you are a starter or an expert on matters makeup, you
need to continually nourish yourself with recent techniques on what is new in
the world of eye makeup. With snowflake
eye makeup being one of the best and most current methods of eye makeup,
you need to dig deeper to get on point every time you step out. Here is a
collection of techniques that will not only help you grow but get you
recognized for how good your eyes look.

Snowflake Eyes

is a technique meant to make your eye glow and stand out during winter. You
need a silver fluid to apply on the eyeliner and a clean brush to ensure the
snowflakes are formed making your eyes appear smoky and beautiful.

applying any makeup on your eyes, you need to observe the following 16 cardinal
rules and techniques.

Clean eyelids and use a gentle primer on them to avoid makeup smudging and
prolonging the lifeline of your makeup for 24 hours.

2.  Apply eyeliner on the eyelashes to make them
appear denser close to the lash-line, to ensure it seems part of the regular
lash line. The technique is typically referred as tight lining. Next, make a
dotted line or dots from the outer edges of the eyelashes.

Always ensure the tip of your liner is as thin as possible but has an essence
of bluntness to achieve a high level of precision to get the perfect shape.
Besides, you can choose to freeze your eyeliner before sharpening to prevent it
from crumbling.
You can choose to use your eyeliner in a liquid state to get perfectly winged
eyeliner. Make sure you start with the lash line and progress towards the eye
corners. Nonetheless, if your hands are not steady enough, opt for a pencil
liner and cover it up with your liquid liner.

Pencil liners are perfect for those who want to get smoky eyes as they are
softer and creamer. Besides, you can choose to smudge it by using a brush for a
stunning smoky eye.

As age catches up with you, settle for subtle paints such as brown, and apply
mascara to complement the simple yet elegant appearance.

When using mascara, start from the roots of the lashes and wiggle towards the
tips. By doing this, you bring out the full size of your lashes but does not
overshadow them.

On application of the mascara coat, give it 10 seconds before applying the
second layer. By doing this, you avoid getting your lashes clumpy.

Apply any excess mascara from the wand before application for easy maneuvering
and prevent the chance of getting clumpy. Besides, the techniques ensure you
avoid getting horrifying spidery eyelashes.

Before getting on with mascara, always curl your lashes by use of a quality
curler. Nonetheless, when going on with mascara and curling, pinch the
eyelashes from the base as you progress upwards.

It is important to note, the way you hold mascara determines the way it will
appear. Hold the wand horizontally for thicker lashes and natural look.

It is a common desire to have the mascara last for as long as possible; you
achieve this by pumping the wand while pulling it away to prevent it from early
drying out.

Get yourself quality products especially a brush as they will go a long way in
the proper application of mascara and blending with other products.

If interested in lovely eye shadows, use an excellent primer before application
of the eyeshadow, and avoid creasing besides wanting eyeshadow paint.

From the bottom area of your eye, apply a darker colored eye shadow for the
area exceeding that, and use a medium color shade and a light one for the upper
regions above the region.

For persons who have ever plucked the lashes, do not get worried just be gentle
in your application on the eyelashes you have.
tips to guide in the selection of products

the market is flooded with lots of products, pick what suits your needs and
consider your hair color. While defining your eyebrows, remember to keep it as
natural as possible and blend the products adequately with your skin tone and
hair color to avoid harsh lines. 

Use of a faint highlighter beneath the brow
and make a bow shape to enhance the height of the brows.

you have eyebrows that are out of control, it is time you get a gel to ensure
they are in place, as they tend to groom them better. For the best results, get
an angled brush, make it wet before combining it with matte brown eyeshadow.
prevent ruining your base due to the fall out of eye shadows, it is essential
you finish up your eye make up and proceed to the bottom to ensure you have a
fresh, appealing look. Always have your lips in faint lip gross colors if you
settle on shouting eye makeup. It is the best way to naturalize the whole
makeup thing and get a more natural look. Having bright eyes gives you a
youthful appearance; you can this by highlighting inner corners by use of a
light colored eyeshadow.
instant curls on stubborn eyelashes, blow them using a blow-dryer on the curler
before curling to ensure the curls formed are long-lasting. Finally, always
remember to wipe any excess products using a blotting paper gently to avoid
disrupting the eyeliner.
tips are and quite easy to follow yet very practical. They are meant for both
beginners and pro alike to avoid getting overwhelmed by makeup.

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