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Does FUE Hair Transplant Leave Scars?

I want to get a hair transplant in Turkey. My budget is around 3,000 pounds. I like to wear my hair short on the sides. Will I be able to keep this hairstyle? Does FUE leave scars?

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) does leave small circular scars. However, the scars are tiny and undetectable with some hair length. You will not be able to shave your sides because the scars will be visible. My question is, are you looking for the cheapest hair transplant clinic or the best hair transplant clinic? Never base your decision solely on the cost of the procedure.

How FUE Works

Hair transplant surgeons use a small surgical punch to remove individual hair follicles one by one. The punches range from 0.7mm to 1mm in circumference. Therefore, your scarring will depend on the size of the punch your surgeon will use. In general, FUE scars are difficult to detect. Even experienced doctors and hairdressers can have a hard time spotting the scars. However, you will see some scars if you decide to shave your head.

Scarring Will Depend on Your Physiology

Something that you need to understand before having surgery, is the fact that no one can predict how well you will scar. You could scar really well, or you could scar bad. Unfortunately, scarring will depend on your own physiology. Overall, you shouldn’t agree to have surgery unless you’re willing to accept some degree of scarring.


Don’t ever choose a surgeon/clinic because you can afford them. Choose the surgeon that has the best results. After all, surgical hair restoration is a cosmetic procedure. We’re not talking about a dishwasher or a car. We’re talking about your head. Getting a bad hair transplant fixed will cost a lot more money than getting a good surgeon the first time around. My advice is to look up authentic reviews posted by actual patients to research a surgeon.

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