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FollicleFuel male hair supplement review

Ok, so I’ve been seeing a lot of spammy ads popping up lately, promoting this hair supplement for men, FollicleFuel.  I had heard of this product before, but I never really looked into it, so this time I decided to check it out properly. 

FollicleFuel is basically a multi-vitamin supplement that claims it can help reverse the effects of male pattern baldness.  Its ingredients are: Marine Collagen, MSM, Silica, Vitamin C, Hydraulic Acid, Vitamin E, Zinc, Copper, Biotin, Iodine. 

Now, I have never claimed to be an expert in the field of hair loss, but let me tell you, I am more qualified to speak on the subject that most people. I have literally spent years researching all types of ingredients and hair loss treatments. 

FollicleFuel does appear to contain some very good hair ingredients. In fact, you will find most of its ingredients in many of the top multi-vitamin hair supplements on the market. The problem is, there doesn’t seem to be enough ingredients. 

You may be wondering why I hadn’t checked out FollicleFuel before, right? Well, there are a few red flags about this product that stopped me from taking it too seriously. 

Firstly, it’s rather generic. The branding and its container is something you see everywhere. Now, the reason you should probably steer clear of generic looking supplements i because they are most likely to be white label products. 

That’s not to say this product is bad.  In fact, it’s pretty good in areas, but it would be ludicrous to suggest it could in any way stop hair loss and reverse male baldness.

What to expect from taking FollicleFuel

Obviously I haven’t tried this supplement, but the Marine Collagen aside, I actually consume all of its ingredients on a daily basis through the multi-vitamin hair supplement that I already take, HR23+. So, I do have a relativity clear idea of how effective FollicleFuel would be. 

From looking at the ingredients alone, I would not expect much in the way of improvements to the hair. This formula just doesn’t have enough depth in its additives to impact the hair. 

The claims FollicleFuel make on their website are absurd.  To clam this supplement has reversed male pattern baldness is completely nonsense.  There is nothing revolutionary about this formula, and certainly nothing in it to even suggest it can prevent baldness in any way shape or form. 

At best, you might notice a little less shedding, but it lacks certain ingredients that you would find in far more developed multi-vitamin hair supplements, like HR23+ and Viviscal

If you’re serious about combating baldness, then I would advise you to avoid products like FollicleFuel, and instead invest a little more of your money on the more developed formulas out there.  The best hair supplements cost more for a reason.

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