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Healthy Hair Happy Body by Simone Thomas

The book costs £15 (Hardback) with a percentage going to MNDA Motor Neurone Disease Association, in memory of Simone’s mother, Veronica. 
Pre-orders will be dispatched in August.

Become the Healthiest Happiest and Best Version of You

Healthy Hair Happy Body is the must-have manual on health and wellbeing, from award-winning wellness expert and founder of her eponymous company, Simone Thomas.

Jessica Wright describes it as “A must-read book. Simone has helped me so much on my wellness journey, you can totally trust her advice.

Simone’s approach to lasting success has made her hair and wellness brand the best-kept secret of celebrities, royalty and CEOs around the world.  
In this book, Simone introduces us to her comprehensive and motivational plan to transforming your hair, lifestyle and your health for life.    
Simone explains how her own story has led her to change both her life and her lifestyle. Through it all,  she has grown tremendously and learned countless lessons.   
The main lesson she has learned and shares in this guided, motivational programme is that her health, wellbeing and lifestyle are all within her control, and yours is too. 
For most of us, the hair-mood phenomenon is all too real. If our hair is brittle, lank, limp, dull, frizzy, wiry or any other adjective that comes to mind when we’re having a “bad hair day”, we feel terrible. Likewise, when our hair is lustrous, shiny, bouncy, voluminous, cascading, glossy, or velvety, we feel great.  
Simone will let you in on a secret. Your hair is lank because you feel bad. Your hair is glossy because you feel good. You see, it’s not your hair that’s making you feel good or bad.  Ultimately it’s our hair that reflects our mental and physical wellbeing, and not the other way round. So, why is this? Well, the truth is that our hair is not a vital organ or tissue. When it comes to our body sharing out its precious nutrients, our hair is at the back of the queue. If we want to guarantee that our hair gets the nutrients it needs, we have to eat well, sleep well, and feel well.  
The main aim of this book is to show you by being healthier and happier, everyone can have great hair, improved skin, lifestyle and general wellbeing. Order your copy today.

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You can follow a few hair hygiene tips to make your hair less likely to fall out: Avoid hairstyles that pull on the hair - Avoid high-heat hair styling tools - Don't chemically treat or bleach your hair - Use a shampoo that's mild and suited for your hair - Use a soft brush made from natural fibers - Try low-level light therapy.

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