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Wondering how to get thicker hair? While you can’t change the diameter of your hair follicles, there is a lot you can do to encourage hair growth and prevent breakage. Keep reading to learn how to make your hair thicker!


What Does Long, Thick Hair Mean?

Before you can learn how to make your hair thicker, we have to talk about what it means to have thick hair. Thick hair describes the density of hair, rather than the diametre of the individual hair strands. Hair with a wide diametre is called coarse, while hair with a small diametre. Thus, it’s possible to have hair that is fine and thick, or coarse and thin.

Some people don’t need to worry about how to get thicker hair because of their genetics. Health also plays a big factor in the thickness and length of your hair. For example, if you are experiencing a common cause of hair loss like androgenetic alopecia or telogen effluvium, your hair thickness and length will be affected. So if you do have hair loss, the first step is to talk to your GP to find out the cause. Your doctor can also give you some pointers on how to make your hair thicker.

Other factors, like what you eat and how you care for your hair, can also play a big role in the thickness and length of your hair. The good news? Since hair thickness is often determined by nutrition and how you care for your hair, you can help your hair follicles to grow long, thick hair by improving your haircare habits and taking a hair growth supplement like Hair Growth Formula Gummies. All you need to do is learn how to get thicker hair!

Fortunately, just read on to learn how to get thicker hair!

How to Get Thicker Hair: 7 Styling Tips

Ready to learn how to grow thicker hair? The first part of the approach is all about styling. Following these styling tips will help to create the appearance of thicker hair now, plus keep your hair nice and healthy so you can have long and thick hair down the road.

1. How to Get Thicker Hair: Don’t Over Wash

If you’re serious about learning how to get thicker hair, definitely read this. One important key to encouraging the growth of long and thick hair is to wash your hair the right amount. Washing your hair too much dries out your strands and your scalp, which can leave your hair brittle and prone to breakage. On the other hand, washing your hair too little means that your hair follicles can become clogged with sebum, dead skin, and hair products. This can prevent hair follicles from growing healthy hair.

To encourage long, thick hair, aim to wash and condition your hair two to three times per week using a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to encourage hair growth, like Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.

HairLust - Hair Growth & Repair ShampooHairLust - Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo

Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo

Gently, sulphate-free shampoo for brittle, damaged hair prone to split ends and breakage.

HairLust - Hair Growth & Repair ConditionerHairLust - Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner

Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner

Silicone-free conditioner for brittle, damaged hair prone to split ends and breakage.

2. How to Get Thicker Hair: Water Temperature

Water Temperature

Another tip: washing your hair with steaming hot water will also leave it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. To grow thicker hair, wash your hair with lukewarm water, which will help your hair to maintain its moisture content naturally.

3. How to Get Thicker Hair: Ditch Heat

Ditch Heat

Hot tools are great for creating stylish, polished looks, but they can be incredibly damaging to your hair. Hot tools can disrupt the outer protective layer of the hair, allowing the moisture inside to escape. When this happens, hair is more prone to breakage and split ends. That’s why If your goal is long and thick hair, it’s wise to cut out hot tools as much as possible.

Instead, look up heat-free methods of curling your hair, or style your hair in a protective hairstyle like braids. Just make sure to use Hair Rings rather than traditional hair ties, since traditional hair ties can also lead to breakage (and prevent you from reaching your hair goals).

HairLust - Hair Rings 6-Pack, Blue/GreenHairLust - Hair Rings 6-Pack, Blue/Green

Hair Rings 6-Pack, Blue/Green

Gentle hair ties that keep your hairdo in place without damage.

HairLust - Hair Rings 6-Pack, Pink/LilacHairLust - Hair Rings 6-Pack, Pink/Lilac

Hair Rings 6-Pack, Pink/Lilac

Gentle hair ties that keep your hairdo in place without damage.

If you do choose to style your hair with hot tools, prep your hair with a heat protectant like Hair Strengthening and Protection Oil, which is loaded with antioxidants and natural moisturisers that help to mitigate some of the damaging effects of hot tools. Then finish your look with Hair Defence & Hydration Mist, which imbues hair with natural hydration while locking in your hairstyle.

HairLust - Hair Strengthening & Protection OilHairLust - Hair Strengthening & Protection Oil

Hair Strengthening & Protection Oil

Multifunctional hair oil that tames frizz and gives a shiny and soft finish.

4. How to Get Thicker Hair: Comb Carefully

Comb Carefully

If you want to learn how to get thicker hair, combing carefully is key. Hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet, so you must detangle carefully to prevent breakage from occurring. Always start at the ends of your hair, and gently work your way towards the roots.

Any wide-tooth comb will do, but using Detangle Wet Brush will really help you to achieve your hair goals. Why? Because this brush is specially designed to detangle delicate wet hair without breakage, thanks to its soft silicone bristles that slip easily through tangles. Plus, it has an ergonomic design which means it’s easy to grip and use.

HairLust - Detangle Wet Brush, RoseHairLust - Detangle Wet Brush, Rose

Detangle Wet Brush, Rose

Hair brush developed especially for gentle detangling wet hair without the risk of breakage.

HairLust - Detangle Wet Brush, PeachHairLust - Detangle Wet Brush, Peach

Detangle Wet Brush, Peach

Hair brush developed especially for gentle detangling wet hair without the risk of breakage.

5. How to Get Thicker Hair: Brush, Brush, Brush

Brush, Brush, Brush

Brushing your hair regularly is also key for growing long, thick hair because brushing helps to distribute the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair, keeping it hydrated and healthy.

I love using Bamboo Hair Brushes for this purpose because they have cushioned bristles that work to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, boosting hair growth. Plus, they are made from bamboo, an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional hairbrush materials like plastic.

6. How to Get Thicker Hair: Pump Up the Volume

Pump Up the Volume

This tip doesn’t technically help you learn how to make your hair thicker, but the way you style your hair can make your hair look thicker. While hair is still damp, mist the roots with Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer. This thickening product boosts hair volume at the roots, plus it treats the scalp with organic mint oil. With regular use, mint oil can help to naturally encourage hair growth for long, thick hair. Allow hair to air dry, or mist with Hair Finishing Spray and blow-dry with a round brush for extra volume.

HairLust - Scalp Follicle Treatment & VolumizerHairLust - Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer

Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer

Leave-in treatment that delivers soothing hydration to dry, itchy scalp, enriched with RootBioTec™.

HairLust - Hair Finishing SprayHairLust - Hair Finishing Spray

Hair Finishing Spray

Non-aerosol, anti-frizz hair spray gives hair medium hold and weightless shine.

Check out the tutorial video below to see how easy it is use Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer:

7. How to Get Thicker Hair: Get Regular Trims

Get Regular Trims

It may sound counterintuitive, but getting regular trims can actually help your hair to grow longer. Hair that isn’t trimmed regularly develops split ends. When left untreated, those split ends can travel up the hair shaft and break off the hair. So if you want to make hair thicker by keeping your hair healthy and preventing breakage, visit your hairdresser for a subtle trim every 2-3 months or so.

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3 Easy Lifestyle Changes to Make Your Hair Thicker:

Looking for more advice on how to make hair thicker? Besides changing your styling habits, there are also some lifestyle changes you can make to promote healthy hair growth and make hair thicker. Try to incorporate one or more of these lifestyle changes to grow long and thick hair.

1. Eat Smarter

Eat Smarter

As I mentioned before, nutrition is key when it comes to having long and thick hair. So, how do you make hair thicker with your diet? To make sure that you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need for healthy hair growth, take a hair growth supplement like Hair Growth Formula Gummies. These delicious hair vitamins are formulated to help you grow healthy hair from the inside out, with a potent combination of 5,000 mcg biotin plus other hair-loving nutrients. And since they’re vegan, gluten-free, and contain no artificial dyes or colours, you know they’re good for you!

Hint: HairLust’s hair growth supplements for women are also available in tablet format, plus HairLust carry hair growth vitamins for men!

HairLust - Hair Growth Formula GummiesHairLust - Hair Growth Formula Gummies

Hair Growth Formula Gummies

Vegan hair vitamins formulated with biotin and zinc, which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair.

HairLust - Hair Growth Formula TabletsHairLust - Hair Growth Formula Tablets

Hair Growth Formula Tablets

Easy-to-swallow tablets, formulated with silica from bamboo as well as amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

2. Scalp Massage

Scalp Massage

Regular scalp massage is another easy lifestyle change that you can make to grow thicker hair. Why? Because scalp massage boosts blood circulation to the scalp. Your blood carries the nutrients you eat to your cells, so it makes sense that by encouraging blood flow to the hair follicles, you can help them to get all the nutrients they need for healthy hair growth.

The easiest way to give yourself a scalp massage at home is with Scalp Massage Brush. You can use it to massage your scalp while cleansing your hair, or even use it when you’re watching TV! What matters most is that you work it into your routine so that you’re massaging your scalp most days of the week. Your hair follicles will thank you!

To maximise your results, pair the scalp brush with Hair & Scalp Detox Scrub, which gently exfoliant to remove product buildup, excess sebum, and dead skin cells that can clog hair follicles and prevent hair growth.

HairLust - Hair & Scalp Detox ScrubHairLust - Hair & Scalp Detox Scrub

Hair & Scalp Detox Scrub

Refreshing, sulphate-free shampoo scalp scrub for dry, itchy or oily scalp.

HairLust - Scalp Massage BrushHairLust - Scalp Massage Brush

Scalp Massage Brush

Has soft and flexible silicone bristles that ensure gentle exfoliation and stimulation of the scalp.

3. Change Your Pillowcase

Change Your Pillowcase

Did you know that your pillowcase could be contributing to thinning hair? It’s true! Most pillowcases are made out of cotton, which has rough fibres that rub on hair all night long. This can leave hair damaged and fragile. Talk about bedhead!

The solution is to swap out your cotton pillowcase for one that’s made out of bamboo, like Pure Bamboo Pillowcase. Bamboo has much smoother fibres than cotton, plus it’s more environmentally friendly! And if you like to go to bed with wet hair or using a overnight-mask, HairLust also carry a Bamboo Towel Pillowcase.

HairLust - Pure Bamboo Pillowcase, WhiteHairLust - Pure Bamboo Pillowcase, White

Pure Bamboo Pillowcase, White

Bamboo pillowcase with a silky soft surface that protects your hair and skin.

HairLust - Pure Bamboo Pillowcase, RoseHairLust - Pure Bamboo Pillowcase, Rose

Pure Bamboo Pillowcase, Rose

Bamboo pillowcase with a silky soft surface that protects your hair and skin.

How to Thicken Hair Naturally: 3 Essential Products

Believe it or not, the products you use on your hair can make a big difference to the health, length, and thickness of your hair. If you want to grow longer, thicker hair, stock up your medicine cabinet with these hair growth essentials!

Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

Using a thickening shampoo helps you to create the appearance of thicker hair with the hair you already have. Dry, damaged, and/or thin hair requires a combination of gentle cleansing plus lightweight moisture to keep it healthy and full-looking.

HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner does just that! With lightweight, naturally moisturising ingredients like organic aloe vera plus strengthening hydrolyzed vegan proteins, this is the perfect shampoo and conditioner duo for anyone wanting to know how to grow thicker hair.

HairLust - Hair Growth & Repair SetHairLust - Hair Growth & Repair Set

Hair Growth & Repair Set

Diminishes split ends and breakage with this silicone and sulphate-free shampoo & conditioner.

HairLust - Hair Growth & Protection MaskHairLust - Hair Growth & Protection Mask

Hair Growth & Protection Mask

Intensive treatment for brittle, damaged hair prone to split ends and breakage.

Hair Growth & Protection Mask

Hair Growth & Protection Mask

If your hair is very dry or damaged, then you’ll need some reinforcements when it comes to moisturising your hair.

That’s where Hair Growth & Protection Mask comes in. Formulated with strengthening vegan micro-proteins plus natural moisturising ingredients, this hydrating treatment results in more resilient strands that grow long without breaking off.

Protein Reconstructor Hair Mask

Protein Reconstructor Hair Mask

Some types of damaged hair, particularly chemically damaged hair, require protein treatments in addition to moisturising treatments. HairLust formulated Protein Reconstructor Hair Mask for this hair type. Thanks to its rich content of protein, this strengthening hair mask helps to rebuild the structure of compromised hair strands. For best results, use one to three times per month and use Anti-Frizz & Hydration Pre-Shampoo Hair Balm to imbue hair with moisture in between protein treatments.

HairLust - Protein Reconstructor MaskHairLust - Protein Reconstructor Mask

Protein Reconstructor Mask

Adds protein to the cuticle layer of hair strands to diminish split ends and breakage.

HairLust - Anti-Frizz & Hydration Pre-Shampoo Hair BalmHairLust - Anti-Frizz & Hydration Pre-Shampoo Hair Balm

Anti-Frizz & Hydration Pre-Shampoo Hair Balm

100% naturally-derived treatment formulated for use on dry, frizzy hair before shampoo.

I hope this blog post taught you how to thicken hair naturally! By following the proper hair care techniques and making simple lifestyle changes, you’ll be well on your way to longer, thicker hair.

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You can follow a few hair hygiene tips to make your hair less likely to fall out: Avoid hairstyles that pull on the hair - Avoid high-heat hair styling tools - Don't chemically treat or bleach your hair - Use a shampoo that's mild and suited for your hair - Use a soft brush made from natural fibers - Try low-level light therapy.

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