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Jessica Wright – the new face of Simone Thomas Wellness

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Bride-to-be Jessica Wright unveiled as the new face of Simone Thomas Wellness

With her big day just three months away, Jess Wright is unveiled as the 2021/2022 ambassador of Simone Thomas Wellness’s ‘Moments In Time’ campaign.

Jess’s passion for a healthy lifestyle ethos has led to the collaboration after she became a fan of Simone Thomas Wellness products in lockdown.

Jess takes the renowned Biotin three-step wellness plan and the collagen SkinQuencher products daily.

With more than 1.4 million followers on social media, the former Only Way Is Essex star turned entrepreneur strives to go beyond improving her wellbeing, but work on her health transformation from the inside with lasting results.

Jess wants to be in peak health for her September wedding to fiancé William Lee-Kemp, which they had been forced to delay from this month because of lockdown.

She will have 15 bridesmaids, including her sister Natalya and sister-in-law Michelle Keegan. Her brother Mark Wright will be taking on master of ceremony duties at the big day in Majorca.

Jess Wright’s Simone Thomas Wellness Plan

Jess takes the STW Biotin Brilliance three-step plan and the collagen SkinQuencher products daily.

The three-step wellness plan consists of three products: Biotin Brilliance, Super Greens and Everyday Wellness. The products are Vegan certified.


Biotin is a member of the vitamin B group and targets scalp irritation. It boosts the flow of blood to the scalp, which is essential for hair rejuvenation. B vitamins also improve the body’s response to stress, and this is especially important for people who struggle with hair pulling.

Super Greens

Modern diets can lead to an imbalance in the body’s pH level, often resulting in a dry, itchy scalp and dull lifeless hair (among countless other physical problems). Regular use helps support the optimum acid-alkaline balance in the body, maintaining healthy skin and hair and promoting healthy circulation, immune function, and metabolism.

The Super Green supplements are a powerful combination of alkalising, cleansing and detoxifying ingredients, along with 100% organic natural superfoods and are loaded with botanicals such as green tea leaf, spirulina, artichoke, and chlorella, among others. They are Soil Association Certified

Simone Thomas Wellness products

Everyday Wellbeing

A super strength probiotic supplement, Everyday Wellbeing contains 6 types of probiotic to help support friendly bacteria levels and promote a healthy gut. This enables the body to function at its optimum level, fighting environmental damage, reducing inflammation, and enhancing nutrient absorption, leading to an improvement in the health of your hair, scalp, gut health and general wellbeing. They are vegan certified.


Give your immune system a little boost with SkinQuencher, packed full of vitamin C, helping to support your immune system and maintain your health. The marine collagen helps to develop and repair body tissue, enhancing your exercise performance and recovery time. The marine collagen also works to leave your skin looking vibrant and refreshed as well as feeling plumper and moisturised. Simone Thomas Wellness collagen is from a sustainable source.

Get Fuller, Glossier Longer Hair and Glowing Skin – Shop Now At Simone Thomas Wellness

You can find out more about the way in which Jess Wright’s health and fitness has improved this year since following Simone’s wellbeing plans here.  


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