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Rhinoplasty Surgery,Tips, Recovery, Risks and More

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery in which the size and shape of your nose is altered for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Rhinoplasty involves your surgeon to make changes to your nose according to your requirements ensuring these changes compliment other facial features and to solve the functional issues of the here to read about Helpful tips to find the best nose reshaping surgery.

Recovery Period After a Rhinoplasty

The recovery time required after a rhinoplasty surgery is not a very long but you should understand that nose is a sensitive body area.

You will experience pain and discomfort for first few days after the surgery, however, use of painkillers prescribed by your surgeon will help you reduce the pain. Cold compresses can also help in controlling the discomfort.
Your nose will be covered with a bandage or packing for protection which will be removed after a week by your surgeon.
Swelling will take a little time to disappear completely, but you are likely to be comfortable in going out after a week or two. People would not be able to decipher a cosmetic surgery but your nose will look different. Swelling in the cheek area will be gone within 4 to 5 days however your nose might be swollen for several weeks.
Your surgeon is likely to make an incision inside the nose or the skin between your nostrils so the scar of incision is not significantly visible. The scar will fade away after some time.
You should not perform strenuous exercises which may raise your blood pressure. Do not bend over or lift any heavy object for a week or two because it can delay the healing process.

Risks Associated With a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure, you must go to an expert plastic surgeon for a nose surgery to avoid any risk associated with it. The risks may include;

Recurring bleeding of your nose
Functional issues like difficulty in breathing
Numbness of your nose
Formation of a visible scar
Swelling may last up to a year
Discoloration of the treated area

Your plastic surgeon needs your help in reducing the risk factor in your Rhinoplasty Dubai. you will have to follow a list of instructions given by your plastic surgeon to make the surgery successful and recovery procedure easier for you.

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