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Serenity Wigs and Toppers Review (with Discount Code!)

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I just have to show you a brand-new piece I got from Serenity’s Wigs and Toppers. I know how you are always on the lookout for affordable human hair options!

I don’t often reviews things just for the sake of reviewing them (there’s enough of that kind of info out there if you strictly enjoy review information)…instead, I like to bring you styles that are a little different…at least to me.

Maybe they fulfill a needed price point.

Maybe there are interesting colors

Maybe there are features that are new or not-quite-understood by us common folk.

What void does Serenity’s Wigs and Toppers fill?

Her pieces are absolutely gorgeous, the hair seems smooth as silk, the price point is mighty fine, AND SHE DOES CUSTOM ORDERS.

She carries plenty of stock, too. 🙂

And yes…I have a coupon code for you!! Hair discounts are the best discounts, after all. More on that at the bottom of the post.

Here’s a color sneak peek of my new piece:

I’m not lying when I said this picture took my breath away.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I want to tell you a bit about my interaction with Melissa, the owner, because she is fabulous.

First off, she’s kind of someone that you just want to be friends with (is that weird??). She’s kind and understanding and has a knack for knowing what you are trying to say when you can’t quite express your needs properly…and that happens often when discussing my wishlist.

We talked about length, construction, the type of highlights I like, where I part my hair and exactly how far over, etc.

While she offers colors in all tones, she’s an ashy girl at heart…which, of course, made me super-happy. 🙂

She’s seen my go-to color before (10H16 from Jon Renau), and felt that she could closely duplicate it in my piece.

Serenity Wigs and Toppers Specs

Here’s what we decided on for my topper:

– Length: 20”
– Density: Standard 125-130%
– Color: Annice with root/lowlight 5 (dark ashy blonde with medium-brown roots)
– Base: 8×8, silk top
– Hair type: Brazilian (she works exclusively with Brazilian hair, I believe)
– Customizations: No comb in front, add poly rim

From a topper perspective, Serenity Wigs and Toppers specializes in clip-in toppers that you integrate your own front hair into, but she can also add a lace front if you don’t have a strong hairline or prefer not to integrate.

She can also add more clips, add a ton of poly stripping (I only added one strip at the front), add/remove combs, add additional density, and probably a few other options.

Almost anything you want, you can get.

Here is the inside of the base:

Serenity Topper Base

You can see the poly strip/rim at the front, although it’s black and a bit hard to see against the base material.

This video talks more about the piece plus you can see it on…I’ll also include some more pics after the video.

As I mentioned in the video, I also have a 14” dark brown with highlights topper available for a Hair Try-On in the CH&M private Community…members are loving it!!

(Want more info on the Community? Read about it and the Hair Try-On feature, here.)

Both colors are very dimensional and look just like you would have your own hair professionally colored.

You know how some human hair comes with bold streaks of highlights that look like they were just clumped together and sewn in?

Not the case here. Let’s look at the colors up close:

Every color I’ve seen from Serenity Wigs and Toppers is literal perfection. Check out a few of these examples I swiped from her Instagram page:

Ok, and here’s a few pics of the piece on me. My bio hair is just a tad longer than I would like with this piece, so I’ll need to give myself a trim.

If you watched the video, you’ll remember that in the course of my filming the skies opened up and it started to pour, so my natural light all but disappeared.

Pics in indoor light:

Serenity Wigs and Toppers Review

Serenity Wigs and Toppers Human Hair Topper

Serenity Wigs & Toppers Discount

If you’re loving Serenity Wigs and Toppers as much as I do, get a piece!! You can take $25 off with code LAUREN25.

Check her out on her website Serenity Wigs & Toppers and on Instagram @Serenity_wigs_toppers. There’s an underscore between each word. 🙂

She’s got some great stock options and, of course, custom is an option. Custom orders are currently taking about 10-14 weeks.

I’m already planning my next piece! I’d like to go a tad bit darker (maybe add more lowlights? I can obviously do that on my own), a smidge longer, and add a touch more density.

Which of her pieces are you eyeing? I’d love to know what’s on your wishlist!

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