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Skalp’s Hair Loss Tattoo Treatment Featured On ‘The Doctors’ Skalp®

Scalp Micropigmentation hair loss tattoo featured on The Doctors!

As more people begin to discover that using all the serums, creams, shampoos and hair transplants in the world cannot reverse or restore hair loss, the services provided by Skalp are becoming more widely known.

This has seen us mentioned more frequently on prime-time TV shows ( yes Bill Maher we’re looking at you ). More recently we also featured on The Doctors daytime talk show.



Introducing Skalp’s hair restoration service

The Dr. Phil’s popular show (Dr. Phil also produces The Doctors) has been on air since 2008. And with every passing year it has continued to grow in popularity.

In an episode released in October 2019, the video opens with a startling statistic. As much as two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 35. By age 50, it is estimated that as many as 80% of men will have significantly thinning hair.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork then went on to introduce Skalp. He spoke about the amazing scalp micropigmentation ( aka the hair loss tattoo ) services we provide to customers right across America.

Stork explained how the service works: We apply natural pigments to the scalp with an electric tattoo device to replicate the appearance of hair follicles. Once completed, it offers a realistic look of a full shaved hairline right across the scalp.

Stork was very positive, saying he liked how it looked. Co-presenter, obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Nita Landry, said she was also impressed and compared it to a hairline version of microblading which women get for their eyebrows.

Fellow co-presenter Dr. Andrew Ordon also liked the look of the technology, saying the results looked very real.

See our full results gallery here.

Dr. Ordon went on to say that it will require a top-up after a few years. This is true, but on average it is usually around 5 years before customers are required to return. Although this can vary from person to person.

Dr. Landry asked both of her co-presenters if they would consider using the treatment if they were losing their hair and both said yes without hesitation.

Watch the full clip of Skalp® hair loss tattoo treatment being shown on ‘The Doctors’ below.


Where is Skalp treatment available?

We are always looking to expand our availability to customers. And thanks to TV shows like The Doctors, we are helping more men deal with their hair loss than ever before. The hair loss tattoo is quickly becoming the number 1 hair loss solution to male pattern baldness and its great to see The Doctors to recognize this also.

Currently, we have clinics open for business in New York and Los Angeles.

This is in addition to London and Manchester in the UK and Edinburgh in Scotland. We also have clinics in Dublin, Ireland, Marbella, Spain, Milan, Italy and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


Skalp on The Doctors Tv Show

How can I found out more about Skalp?

You can get in contact today with our New York Skalp clinic by calling: 855-752-5787 or by emailing [email protected]

You can reach our Los Angeles Skalp clinic on 323-400-3595 or by emailing [email protected]


We offer free consultations to all customers, so we can discuss the options available to you. You also have the chance to take a tour of the clinic so you can see the equipment and ask any questions you may have about the treatment.


Our service involves non-evasive surgery and is completely safe. All of our practitioners have used the treatment themselves, which means they are able to answer any questions you have from first-hand experience.


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