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The newly formulated HR23+ hair supplement review

My Battle With Hair Loss: The newly formulated HR23+ hair supplement review

The newly formulated HR23+ hair supplement review

As many of you will already know, the leading
hair growth supplement, HR23+, has just undergone some slight changes,
resulting in a ‘new and improved’ formula. 

I’ve used HR23+ for a number of years now,
and I am delighted with the product and how effective it has been for my hair.
I was suffering from severe male pattern baldness in my mid/late 20s, but since
taking HR23+, my hair has stopped shedding, and my strands look thicker and
healthier.  I couldn’t have asked for much more. 

So, will this new formula effect the way
HR23+ has already worked for me? 

Firstly, let’s go through the new formula and
see just what exactly has changed.  In truth, it doesn’t seem like a whole
lot has changed. but there have been tweaks, in order to improve the supplement
and its effects. 

What changes have HR23+
made to their formula? 

  • They’ve replaced some of their tried and trusted
    ingredients with purer versions

    But why have they done this?  Here’s a statement I grabbed from the
    website: “Although our supplement has been effective in over 90% of
    our users, we wanted to develop it further and make it even better. There
    is always room for improvement, as after three successful years, we wanted
    to take our product to the next level. Using these purer extracts makes
    the supplement ‘cleaner’ and more effective.  What was already
    working, should work even better now.”
  • They’ve added Nettle Leaf Extract. It is thought that nettle leaf can help reduce hair loss and support hair growth. Nettle leaves are rich in silica and sulfur. This helps in making hair shinier and healthier.
  • They’ve dropped the African Bark Extract. I am no entirely sure why this ingredient was dropped, as it worked in conjunction with Saw Palmetto, but for whatever reason, they’ve dropped the bark.

So, will these tweaks change the effectiveness of the supplement? 

They’ve assured us that the slight tweaks will improve the formula as a whole. For regular users of HR23+, like me, there should be no concerns, because it is effectively still the same formula, only with slight ‘upgrades’ of extracts used. 

As far as the actual pills go, they have remained the same size, and the daily dosage of four capsules is also the same as before.  I did notice that the new pills are slightly different in colour to the original batch.  The new batch of pills look more like a grainy sand colour, compared to the more artificial looking yellow colour of the original pill. 

Here’s a picture I took of the old pill (left) and the new pill (right) placed next to each other. 

I have three bottles of the new capsules, and I shall start taking them as soon as my last bottle of the old batch runs out later this month.  I’m quite excited to see what results I get from the new lot, and, as always, I will be sharing my experience with you. 

Stay tuned… 

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